Refund Policy
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Applicable only if signed up directly via Credit Card or PayPal

Still going through your trial?

We believe that we’re offering the most fair way of setting the trial price: you pick one that you’re comfortable with and see if Hint is a good fit.

Are you a subscriber?

We understand that things happen — sometimes life gets busy and maybe you didn’t get to even try Hint before the subscription kicked in, or you forgot to cancel in time or even realized that Hint is not for you a few days late. Not to worry! We want to make sure that we bring real value and we love our customers.

If you have any inquiries about a refund and want to see if you are eligible - you can easily check in with our support, just click the support widget - the blue button in the bottom right corner of this page.

Not sure about your charges?

To ask for help with your subscription and charges, please click on the blue chat-bot icon in the bottom right corner.

Please keep in mind:

Uninstalling the app doesn’t automatically cancel your subscription — you’ll still be charged for your subscription.

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