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How to install Hint on an Android Device

1. Download the App on your Smartphone You can do so by clicking on this link -> Download 2. Allow the file download by pressing “Allow anyway” Your smartphone will most likely warn you about the dangers of downloading Hint: Astrology because it perceives our website as a third-party source. Don't worry - Hint is absolutely safe for your smartphone. We have been trusted by millions of users. 3. Find where the file Hint - Astrology.apk was downloaded Files On some Android smartphones, downloaded files can be found in the “Files” application. My Files On Samsung phones, they can be found in the “My Files” application (it is located in the “Samsung” folder). Mi File Manager On Xiaomi phones, this application is called "Mi File Manager". 4. Confirm the installation by pressing “Install” 5. In case your smartphone has blocked installation, go to your phone Settings and allow installation of unknown applications Non-Samsung Android Phones: 1. Open the Settings app on your Android device. 2. In the Settings menu, tap Apps. 3. Tap Special app access (or Advanced > Special app access). 4. Tap Install unknown apps. 5. Select an app to use to install an APK file—your browser and file management apps are the best options here. 6. Tap the Allow from this source slider to allow APK files to be installed via that app. Samsung phones instructions: 1. Open the Settings app. 2. In Settings, tap Apps. Open Android app settings menu 3. Tap the three-dot menu icon. 4. Tap Special access. Opening the Special Access menu on Android 5. In Special access**, tap Install unknown apps.** Opening Android's special access menu 6. Tap the slider next to your web browser or file management app in the list to allow APK installation from it. Allow unknown sources on Android 6. After the settings**, run the installation of the application again** 7. Done! You should have the app ready to use on your Home screen If you had any issues along the way please watch this video instruction: https://youtu.be/N0M4XGkpCn4?si=1UZaKEB18jB19026

Last updated on May 31, 2024